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1921: Jersey City Under Commission Government
A Book of Achievement

Droyer's Point

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EWARK BAY, the Passaic and Hackensack River and the great valley extending from the foothills of the Palisades to the Orange Mountains, the Passaic Valley, present the opportunity for development of the greatest industrial, commercial and maritime city in the world. No other location within the metropolitan district offers such a magnificent opportunity for the creation of an ideal harbor with piers, wharves, warehouses and loading appliances of ample capacity and with direct railroad connection to the adjacent factory or industrial plant, for the construction of which there exists here unlimited space, for direct trans-shipment to and from the interior. All the trunk lines cross this great natural industrial basin on their way to carry more and more congestion to Manhattan and the Jersey City waterfront.

Droyer's Point Development.

Commissioner A. Harry Moore has devoted much time to this subject and under his direction the development of the city's west waterfront has been made upon a plan permitting progressive expansion, sufficiently in advance of requirements to make the facilities provided always ample to accommodate the growing harbor business. It is expected that the development of the reclaimed areas indicated upon the plan will take place from the land side rather than from the waterfront. The reclaimed land presents excellent sites for commercial and industrial plants directly connected through the proposed Jersey City Municipal Belt Line Railroad, with all the trunk lines crossing New Jersey, the Rotary Highway and the proposed Morris Canal Motor Truck Speedway providing a direct uninterrupted route to New York City via the Hudson River Vehicular Tunnel. The expansion of these industries in number and size will result in demand for waterfront accommodations and these can be anticipated sufficiently in advance so that the structures planned will be ample in dimension and capacity to take care of future growth and demands for a reasonable period of years.

Reclamation of Land Under Water.

The proposed Droyer's Point development plan consists essentially of the reclammation of the lands under water comprised between the bulkhead line or lines for solid filling, the Morris Canal, the Bayonne City Line and the Newark branch of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, including what is known as Droyer's Point. The entire area included between these lines, aggregating about 314 acres, to be reclaimed by hydraulic dredging and filling, that is, by pumping the sand and other material upon the meadow and land under water by discharge through pipes laid over the bulkhead to be constructed along the entire outer limit of the area to be filled.

Proposed Bulkhead.

The proposed bulkhead will be approximately 9,700 feet in length and it is intended to provide wharfage for vessels of all types until such time as the necessity for pier space develops. Along this bulkhead is a marginal street 150 feet wide and paralleled by a second street 250 to 300 feet inshore of the marginal street, the block between these waterfront streets to be utilized for warehouse or manufacturing purposes under control of the city. A system of transverse and longitudinal streets is planned, which is tentative and can be modified or amplified to suit the type of occupancy which will develop. The land inshore of the marginal street can be sold or leased by the city for industrial or commercial purposes. The plan shows a possible ultimate development of sixteen piers 150 to 250 feet wide and from 470 to 1,000 feet in length.

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