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1921: Jersey City Under Commission Government
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Playgrounds And Parks

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T is conceded that Jersey City has more recreation centers and playgrounds than any other city of its size in the United States. This is due in a great measure to the energy and far-sightedness of Commissioner Moore, who has been the Director of Parks and Public Buildings since he assumed office eight years ago.

Bayside Park and playground i n t h e Greenville section of the city is one of the city's beauty spots. Tennis courts have been installed, swings and sand pit for the tots, and all of the requirements for those athletically inclined. Baseball diamonds are laid out for lovers of that sport, basketball courts and football fields. During the past winter the tennis courts were flooded, giving the children and elder folks of the Greenville section their first municipal skating pond.

Many Beautiful Parks.

Lafayette Park, another beauty spot that has been vastly improved during the present administration, has an ideal playground attached to it. All of the playground apparatus necessary for a modern play spot has been installed. This park also has a big wading pool that was used during the past summer by thousands of children.

Zabriskie playground, Mercer and Wayne Streets, is one of the best attended playgrounds in the lower section of the city. Here you will find a big wading pool, play field, basketball courts, swings, sand pits, in fact all that is required in a big play space of this character.

New Playgrounds.

Many new playgrounds have been added to the long list of play spots in Jersey City. Thirteenth and Erie Streets finds a spacious play field with all the necessary apparatus. At Grove and Sixteenth Streets Commissioner Moore several years ago installed a fine, big playground for the kiddies of that section of the city. At Henderson and Fourteenth Streets another new playground was installed several summers ago and equipped with all the modern apparatus for the kiddies of that section of the city.

Paulus Hook playground has been greatly improved during the past three years until today this section of the city boasts of a playground and rest spot that is shaded by huge trees that are the equal of any in the city. At Riverview Park, on Palisade Avenue and Bowers Street, the Commissioners have been building and adding to this big beauty spot until they have at last formed one of the prettiest parks and playgrounds in this section of the State. On the Palisade Avenue side will be found a spacious park that abounds with trees, shrubbery and flowers.

U. S. Grant playground, Bergen Avenue and Grant Avenue, is one of the later installments in this section of the city. With the jitneys and Bergan Avenue being one of the main automobile thoroughfares of the city made it extremely dangerous for children to play along the street ways of this section of the city. This play spot has proven one of the most successful and best attended of any in the city.

At Union Street, near West Side Avenue, another little playground was placed.

One of the very recent playgrounds is that now located at St. Paul's and Huron Avenues. This large field, formerly a sand heap, has been converted into an ideal and modern playground. This is another play spot that is aiding in keeping congested thoroughfares free of children.

The Mallory Avenue playground, established several years ago, has proven to be one of the most popular in the city.

Columbia Park.

Columbia Park, an old-time park in the city, has practically been reconstructed. New trees, shrubbery, grass and flowers now abound in this park, where in days gone by it was nothing more than a huge grass plot. A flag pole and benches have been installed and great care taken to keep this park in the best of shape.

Hamilton Park, Seventh Street, Eighth Street, East and West Hamilton Place, is another park that was in poor condition. The grass plots were unkempt, the hedge growing in spots only, and the general condition very poor for a city park of that area. Today this is one of the finest parks in the city and the pride of that section of the city.

Mary Benson Park.

Mary Benson Park is used as a recreation center. Several baseball fields have been made, a band stand erected and the entire completion of the field so changed that it is no longer the eyesore of several years ago. Trees and shrubbery form a fence that encloses the field and is used by thousands of people every year. It was at one time a dumping ground for the debris of the city. It is now a beauty spot and one long needed.

The Leonard J. Gordon Park, another old park located at Manhattan and Germania Avenues, and facing on the Hudson Boulevard, has been renovated and fixed up so that it corresponds with the other parks of the city.

At Congress Street and Hancock Avenue a little beauty spot has been made. A vacant lot on this prominent corner is now one of the prettiest little parks in the city. The residents in that section, by public subscription, raised sufficient funds to purchase a flag pole.

At North Street and New York Avenue another small park has been made. This park is directly in front of a church and the rock-strewn ground for many years had been an eyesore to the residents of that section.

Playgrounds And Parks Images

Montgomery Field.

One of the big improvements that will make Montgomery Field a greater attraction than ever is the enclosed field constructed for the two Jersey City high schools. This field is now ready for use and is considered one of the finest baseball, football and athletic fields in the State. For many years the high school boys have desired an enclosed field where they could hold their athletic meets, charge an admission, and in this way place sufficient funds in their treasury to keep alive athletics in the high schools of the city. Baseball diamonds, football fields and in the fall of the year and during the winter seasons soccer football. There are now five baseball diamonds at Montgomery Field. Another big feature was the installing of two tennis courts at the eastern end of the big field.

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