Historic Preservation Districts

Bergen Hill

Hamilton Park

Harsimus Cove

Paulus Hook

Van Vorst Park

The Jersey City History Web Site contains information concerning all sections -- and all the people -- of Jersey City.

That these neighborhoods:

  • Claremont
  • Greenville
  • Heights
  • Lafayette
  • Marion
currently are not covered in this Historic Preservation Districts Page, does not mean that those areas of the City have no history. What it means is that -- right now -- the City of Jersey City has not designated those neighborhoods as Historic Preservation Districts.

I encourage you to contact the Mayor's Action Bureau, your Council-person and community leaders. Ask them what you can do to help ensure that the historic structures in your neighborhood are preserved.

Also, genealogical data for ALL of Jersey City needs to be on the Web: photos, family history or any other information about Jersey City residents (particularly up to 1910). If you (or your friends or family) have any genealogical material that you'd like to see on the Web, please e-mail info@cityofjerseytcity.org

The Horseshoe Fire of 1941

Oscar Schmidt – Manufacturer of Musical Instruments