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History of the Jersey City Fire Department Main Menu

This information is posted to honor the more than a century of service of the Jersey City Fire Department. This Site is not affiliated with the Jersey City Fire Department.

In an Emergency, Dial 911

Jersey City Fire Department


All Apparatus Photos taken
by John M. Calderone

Engine Companies

 Ladder Companies

 Special Units

 Engine Company 2  
 Engine Company 5  Tower Ladder 6 Mask Service Unit
  Engine Company 6  Ladder Company 2 Haz-Mat Unit / Decon Unit
  Engine Company 7  Ladder Company 3 Emergency Mgt. Command Vehicle
  Engine Company 8    
  Engine Company 9    
  Engine Company 10  Ladder Company 12  
  Engine Company 11  Ladder Company 7  
  Engine Company 13    
  Engine Company 14    
  Engine Company 15  Ladder Company 9  
  Engine Company 17  Ladder Company 11  
  Engine Company 18    
  Engine Company 19  Ladder Company 8  
  Engine Company 22  Tower Ladder 4  
    Rescue Company 1 / Squad Company 4